Project Management

/Project Management

M&R Construction Group works closely with clients to plan and implement a customized approach to project development. By employing our proven Quality Management & Resources Program, we’re able to thoughtfully examine the location, scope, marketability, and profitability of our client’s projects to create a plan that is tailor-made for them.

M&R Construction Group's services include:

  • Assessment of client objectives to develop the project scope
  • Project cost analysis and cost control management
  • Assembly of professional team including senior staff and certified construction professionals who deliver our highly coordinated services
  • Creation of a working schedule that includes the permit process, design phase, and construction phase of project
  • Monitoring and controlling the entire construction process from initial planning to the completed project
  • Critical appraisal of capital expenditures

M&R Construction Group is committed to our clients’ vision for their project and will use all the resources at our disposal to ensure that project is a success.