160-08 Jamaica Ave.

/, New York/160-08 Jamaica Ave.

160-08 Jamaica Ave.

The complex at 160-08 Jamaica Ave. showcases our penchant for complex constructions. This highly differentiated complex involved portions of major demolition, gut renovation, and landmark restoration in order to deliver this 150,000 sq. ft. four-story building to its tenants that include TJ Maxx, Burlington Coat Factory, H&M, and Bank of America, each of whom unique specifications for their space.

To achieve our clients’ vision, we removed five stories from one of the site’s structures and created an exterior curtain to perform the gut renovation. To support the walls during the construction phase, we built an interior steel frame. Like most of our projects, we self-performed the majority of planning and construction to create a complex that is truly dynamic.

The restoration portion of this project was based on a century-old building that has unique landmark status. We restored the facade to protect the building’s outward character, while renovating the interior to reflect our clients’ vision for the space. The complex displays our knack for marrying the old and the new, for blending the historic with innovations of modem construction.

M&R Construction excels at creating and renovating both residential and commercial spaces. As in the case with this particular project, we also worked with tenants to meet the demands of their brand and retail needs. We always strive to customize our work for our clients, both residential and commercial clients. Whether you are in the market to build from the ground up or require our renovation services, we look forward to consulting about your construction dream.