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M&R Construction Group has an exclusive contract with e.l.f. Cosmetics for construction of their retail spaces. A modernized interior and preservation of the historic facade are the hall marks of the Fulton Street renovation and redesign project. To date, we have constructed the following locations:

  • Rockaway, NJ – Completed
  • Livingston, NJ – Completed
  • Smith Haven, NY – Completed
  • Plainview, NY – Completed
  • Bridgewater, NJ – Completed
  • Staten Island, NY – Completed
  • South Shore, NY – Completed
  • Menlo Park, NJ – Completed
  • Newport, NJ – Completed
  • Walk Whitman, NY – Completed

One of the great benefits of working with a client on multiple construction sites is the creation of a strong relationship based on outstanding communication. We are able to tailor our designs to our client’s vision in every case while still preserving essential aspects of the buildings we renovated or redesign. Tailor-made solutions help us to create and deliver the special features this client needed to showcase its brand and products in a manner that worked ideally for them.

Ridge Hill

741 Broadway

Roosevelt Field Mall

We enjoy working with new and long-term clients. If you are searching for a firm that is ready to put your vision first, be sure to consult with our talented team of talented and hardworking construction professionals, designers, engineers, architects. We look forward to putting our know-how to work for you.